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Aligner Treatment


Many patients that are considering orthodontic treatment have two concerns: how they look during treatment and how much the orthodontic treatment will impact their daily life. 

What is Invisalign® treatment?  Invisalign® treatment uses a series of invisible, removable medical-grade aligners that custom fit your teeth and guide them into the proper position. Each aligner moves your teeth a little more until they are in their ideal position. Treatment times can vary from as little as a few months for those who maybe had treatment as a child and need a "touch-up", or up to18-24 months for more comprehensive treatment needs. At our office, we use 3D computer-imaging technology to make digital molds of your teeth and from these we create a customized plan to efficiently move your teeth to the desired position.  

Why should I consider Invisalign® treatment?  Without any metal brackets or wires to adjust, we see you less often, which means you have less time off of work or school. The aligners are removable, and you can eat and drink whatever you wish during treatment. Most importantly, brushing, and flossing is just as easy as before you started your orthodontic treatment. Lastly, they are quite comfortable, and there is no metal to cause sore spots during your treatment.

How do I get started?  Contact us to schedule your initial consultation. At that time, we will review what type of treatment needs and options are available for you. Once you are ready to start your journey, we can make a digital model of your teeth and begin planning your custom Invisalign® plan!

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